Women’s Theses Dissertations on David Foster Wallace

This list is the next in a series of lists of women involved in David Foster Wallace studies and the DFW community.  It is not complete, nor is it static.  It is a list of what we have been able to find right now.

Absurd realism in postmodern American fiction: Wallace, Pynchon, and Tomasula by Titilola Babalola

Age of Miracles: Religion and Screen Media in Postwar American Fiction by Cassandra Maria Nelson

 Virtualist Comedies of the twenty-first century: A study of the origins, techniques, and traditions of contemporary comic novels by Elizabeth J. Topham

 Melancholy utopia: loss and fantasy in contemporary American literature and film by Julia Patricia Wallace Cooper

 Staying out of step: Compulsiveness and detachment in contemporary fiction by Elizabeth Anne Freudenthal

 The age of intervention: Addiction, culture, and narrative during the War on Drugs by Ashleigh Michelle Hardin

 Embodied citizenship: Disability in the national imagination by Emily S. Russell

 The Recovered: Addiction and Sincerity in 20th Century American Literature by Leslie Sierra Jamison

 The authentic “I”: Authenticity in first-person narrative journalism by Tess Malone

 Alive and human: Situating Wallace, Lethem, and Russell in contemporary fiction by Carissa Kampmeier

 Into the womb of Infinite Jest: The Entertainment as speculum by Danielle S. Ely

 “The soul is the prison of the body”*: Freedom and autonomy in David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” by Maureen Elizabeth Lauder

 Beyond words: Signifying families in postmodern American fiction by Mary Katherine Holland

 (Dis)embodiments: David Foster Wallace, Gilles Deleuze and The Pale King‘s Success by Katherine R. Hanzalik

 Network Anxieties: Fantasies of Literary Autonomy in Contemporary Literary Culture by Jacqueline O’Dell

 “Hearts ripe, brains aglow”: Narrative, subjectivity, and feeling in post-postmodernism by Kathrynn Schoop

 The inquiry practices of nonfiction writers by Suzanne Webb

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