Women whose work on DFW is available for free on Academia.edu!

This list is the third in a series of lists of women involved in David Foster Wallace studies and the DFW community.  It is not complete, nor is it static.  It is a list of what we have been able to find right now.

“Dying to Give Ourselves Away”: Infinite Jest as Rich Resource for a Renewed Theology of Sin and Salvation by Jill Braithwaite

 “Your head gets in the way”: Reflecting (on) Realism from Barth to Wallace by Mary Holland

 The Explicator David Foster Wallace’s OCTET and the ATTHAKAVAGGA by Mary Holland

 “The Personal is the Political is the Psychopathological”: Subjectivity as Performance in Infinite Jest by Nora E. Rossbach

 Friday essay: why literary celebrity is a double-edged sword by Siobhan Lyons

 Adolescence Paradigm: Being a Citizen and Becoming a Self in the Works of David Foster Wallace by Grace Chipperfield

 Sulla porosità di certi confini. Saggio sulle note di Infinite Jest by Marta Bono

 Life before Death: The Absurd and Consciousness in the Works of Albert Camus and David Foster Wallace by Grace Chipperfield

 Sex-changes and second-wave feminism in David Foster Wallace’s The Broom of the System by Daniela Franca Joffee

 David Foster Wallace’s Disappearance by Kate Hanzalik


 An application of Girard’s mimetic theory: mediated desire in Fydor Dostoevsky’s ‘Notes from Underground’ and David Foster Wallace’s “B.I. #48 08-97”, ‘Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’ by Kate Noble

 Il dolore mediatico. Wallace e Franzen: dallo scrittore all’utente by Chiara Scarlato

Parole annodate a un soffitto. David Foster Wallace e il linguaggio by Chiara Scarlato

 Attentional windowing in David Foster Wallace’s ‘The Soul Is Not A Smithy’ by Chloe Harrison 

The Virtue of Tenderness: David Foster Wallace and the Practice of Love by Medi Volpe

 Minimalismo vs massimalismo. Realismi contemporanei a specchio: Carver e Wallace by Rosaria Maurielo

 Lethal Film: The Cine-phile/Cine-fetish of Infinite Jest by Julia Alekseyeva

 Infinite Jest Annotated Bib by Mallory Newton

 Colloque international « Infinite Wallace/ Wallace Infini » by Ariane Mak

 Narrative Perspectives and Empathy in Contemporary Short Fiction by Amanda Bigler

 War as Peace: Afterlives of Nuclear War in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest by Jessica Hurley

 “What It Is to Be a Fucking [Post-] Human Being”: Machines and Struggling Bodies in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest by Merle Ingenfeld

 La scopa del sistema, David Foster Wallace (recensione) by Francesca Lettieri

 No Ordinary Family? – Reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest as a Family Novel by Julia Schmedes

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