Women Writers Read/Taught/Praised by DFW

This list is the fourth in a series of lists of women involved in David Foster Wallace studies and the DFW community.  It is not complete, nor is it static.  It is a list of what we have been able to find right now.

Joanna Scott: De Potter’s Grand Tour; Follow Me; Everybody Loves Somebody; Liberation; Tourmaline; Make Believe; The Manikin; Various Antidotes; Arrogance; Fading, My Parmacheene Beele; The Closest Possible Union

 Shelley Katz: Alligator

 Cynthia Ozick (only novels listed): Trust; The Cannibal Galaxy; The Messiah of Stockholm; The Puttermesser Papers; Heir to the Glimmering World; Foreign Bodies

 Mary Higgins Clark: Where Are the Children?

 Jackie Collins: Rock Star

 Jean Rhys: Wide Sargasso Sea

 Erica Long: Fear of Flying

 Cleo Birdwell: Amazons: An Intimate Memoir by the First Women Ever to Play in the National Hockey League

 Susan Sontag: Against Interpretation and Other Essays

 Toni Morrison: The Bluest Eye

2 thoughts on “Women Writers Read/Taught/Praised by DFW

  1. D. K. Holm Reply

    Actually, Cleo Birdwell is the pseudonym of Don Delillo, about a female hockey player.

  2. Andrea / Diversity Committee Reply

    D.K. Holm: Maybe that’s why he praised it so much 🙂

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