Everything (so far) and More!

It’s been six short months since the inception of the DFW Society’s Diversity Committee, and we’re off to an exciting start!

The Committee presented a panel during DFW ’17, and the coordinators joined Ozwallace in Australia via Skype for an energizing, occasionally hilarious discussion.

We’ve also completed the first installments of an ongoing blog series. (You can read the DFW Society’s initial Statement on Equality and Inclusion and the Diversity Committee’s introductory post .)

We started by having each member of the Diversity Committee introduce themselves, with posts by Ryan Lackey, Cynthia Zhang, Danielle Ely, Ashlie Kontos, Diego Báez, and Andrea Sheridan.

Additionally, a number of guest contributors have reflected on their appreciation for slash problems with DFW:

Finally, Diversity Committee member Ashlie Kontos has created incomparable listings of work by women on DFW:


If you’re interested in contributing to our ongoing blog series, please contact diversity@dfwsociety.org.


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