MAPACA Follow-up: So, you took a blue pen…

So, you went to MAPACA 2018 and took a blue pen…now what?

Thank you for your interest in the International David Foster Wallace Society! Or, thank you for your interest in blue pens! Either way, we are so glad that you found your way to our webpage. There are many ways that you can get involved in the DFW Society. 

The easiest is to sign up for updates. You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the website’s homepage and inputting some information. That will get you some newsletters every so often with updates w/r/t what the society and its members are up to. We promise not to spam you.

Follow us on Twitter! @DFWSociety You’ll get updates when something new and excited in the world of DFW Studies is going on.

Listen to, subscribe to, and/or support The Great Concavity: Ok, so this one isn’t technically part of the Society, but this DFW podcast is produced by by society president Matt Bucher board member (“Membre du Conseil, Division de Convexité) Dave Laird.  Guests have included board members Matt Luter, Grace Chipperfield, Rob Short, and Mike Miley, creator of The Howling Fantods Nick Maniatis, scholars Allard den Dulk, Lucas Thompson, Clare Hayes-Brady, Jeff Severs, Lee Konstantinou, David Hering, and Wallace biographer DT Max.
You can subscribe through whatever podcast app you use, or listen here.
You can also show your support through Patreon.

Come join us at the American Literature Association: Come as a spectator or presenter! We’ll be at the ALA in Boston in May 2018, and our CFP can be found here (among other places). We welcome submissions from scholars at all stages of their career, including independent scholars.

Join the Society! We have three different membership levels to accommodate various income levels, but all of them score you an issue of the Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies, the first issue of which will drop by the end of this year. This first issue explores Wallace’s long and short fiction, nonfiction, race, gender, and philosophy. The second issue is already in production, so membership will get you that issue as well!

Submit to the journal: If you’ve got something to say about Wallace Studies or have written something in the recent past, submit for publication in the journal. Click here for details.
The CFP can be found here.
For more details or to send an abstract, contact

Submit a blog post: If you have something to say that isn’t quiet journal-length or not the subject matter for a journal, submit to our blog! Our regular blog series topics include:
Wallace and….
Notes & Errata
Great New Fiction
See our CFP here
Alternatively, you could just read our blog. You don’t have to be a writer; reading it is also important, and each entry has a “comments” section where we welcome discussion and feedback.

The Diversity Team: The IDFWS is somewhat unique in that we have a Diversity Team: a team of two coordinators and 5 team members who discuss and tackle issues of diversity as they apply to DFW Studies.  If you would like to write a Diversity Blog post, and/or begin a discussion around an issue of diversity within DFW Studies, please contact us at . For us, diversity can be racial, cultural, gender, LGBTQ+, disability, geographical, linguistic–and anything else I may have missed here. The bottom line is, if you want to say it, we want to hear it.

If we’ve missed anything here, and there is anything else you’d like to do to get involved that we haven’t already started, we are always looking for new projects. Never hesitate to reach out to 

We look forward to hearing from you and, of course, we hope you enjoy your new favorite pen.

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