Call for…Tattoos?

Yes. You read that right. Not to be outdone by Tiny Ewell, the Diversity Team is putting out a call for DFW or DFW-adjacent tattoos. Diversity Team members Danielle Ely and Ándrea Laurencell Sheridan are looking for kindred spirits, fellow inked members of the Wallace community who wear their love for DFW on their sleeve—perhaps literally.

We want to see your young fish swimming along; your “This is Water”s; your bandanas; your “I am in here”s; your Jayne Mansfield profiles; your baby pictures of famous dictators; your “VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM!”s; your ellipses; your partial eclipse chapter markers; your concavities (or convexities, depending on where you’re from, I suppose); your Sierpinski gaskets; your Felonies!; your Entertainments;  your G.O.D.s; your Chris Ayers artwork; your Broom of the System Penguin Ink Edition covers; your little expressionless animals; your Kekuléan knots; your thoroughly-considered lobsters; your Möbius strips; your visualizations of “Blood Sister: One Tough Nun”; your Whoppers; your trial-size Dove bars; your Depends Adult Undergarments (ok, maybe not that one). We’d even love to see your footnotes—but please, no endnotes. This isn’t that kind of project.

And anything else you’ve come up with that we haven’t.

The Diversity Team is interested in the sub-community within the community—those of us who have chosen to forever emblazon some part of Wallace’s body of work onto our own bodies.

If you have a Wallace-related or Wallace-inspired tattoo and want to share, please email and let us know! Please also let us know your locations—where in the world you are, and where on your body you’ve gotten your tattoo(s). If you would like to include a little story to go along with your tattoo, please feel free. If you’d rather we not reveal your name or any identifying information when we finally reveal our project, please let us know, but we’ll of course touch base again when the time comes.

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you!

UPDATE: The amazingly talented David Jensen has offered his services to those who need flash for that Wallace tattoo that they want to get but haven’t yet! Contact him on Twitter: @infinitejensen . You’ll probably be seeing his work soon, if you haven’t already, on the cover of the Journal of DFW Studies, which is in transit soon!

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