Building the Worlds of David Foster Wallace by Ryan Blanck

“DFW as minifig” by Ryan M. Blanck

As our readers may have noticed from our recent CFT (i.e. Call for Tattoos), we are exploring the ways in which David Foster Wallace readers/fans/die-hard followers celebrate his works with visual or graphic art.

Perhaps one of the most iconic interpretations of DFW’s stories can be found in Ryan M. Blanck’s Infinite LEGO: Reimagining David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest through LEGO.  

“Little Expressionless Animals” by Ryan M. Blanck

Blanck presented his LEGO creations at the First Annual David Foster Wallace Conference in Normal, IL, in 2014.

Ryan graciously shared some of his scenes from Infinite LEGO with the International David Foster Wallace Society so that we may share it with all of you.  We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do!

“Hal Interview” by Ryan M. Blanck
“Madame Psychosis” by Ryan M. Blanck
“Death Is Not The End” by Ryan M. Blanck
“Good People” by Ryan M. Blanck
“JOI Death” by Ryan M. Blanck

If you are interested in seeing other works by Ryan M. Blanck, check out his Flickr page. Oh, and his promo video for Infinite LEGO is pretty rad, too

“The End” by Ryan M. Blanck

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