Westward, Wallace: An On-line Group Reading
of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest (late Feb – May 2018)
and a Pair of Symposia on Game Play and Dystopian Science Fiction
@ Westercon71 (July 4-8, 2018, Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center)

Members of Westercon 71 / Myths & Legends 6, or of the International David Foster Wallace Society, may join our conversation as we read the acclaimed author’s long novel over a 10-week schedule this spring—with commentary, resources, guidance and discussion on-line—before meeting for one day of panels and discussion at the traditional literary science fiction convention that runs on through the weekend.
Our Keynote Conversationalist for the group reading and the symposia will be the fine DFW scholar (Univ. of Maryland) and science fiction author Lee Konstantinou[The Legacy of] David Foster Wallace, edited with Samuel Cohen, and Cool Characters: Irony & American Fiction; as well as the novel Pop Apocalypse: a Possible Satire.
Wallace’s masterpiece Infinite Jest is a fine example of the Utopian ideal, gone awry, as usual, as well as being in itself a game, your Host, jt “jate” Jackson, claims. Certainly there is a great game imagined within it—Eschaton: a computer-aided thermonuclear war game mapped and played out on adjoining tennis courts by prodigies, using well-served lobs as missiles. jt, a former Marine and friend of the author in Tucson in the mid-80s and later, discussed many odd aspects of the library lad’s projects, as well as their mutual interests in game theory, fantasy, science fiction, philosophy, and poetics. He just might have a clue.

Do join us for a new kind of game—in a book most mysterious and fun.

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